• „Develor Bulgaria has worked with us during the year 2008 on a project which included programs from Managerial skills, Train the Trainer, Sales skills and 360o feedback. Main accent in the Managerial skills program was goal setting and employees’ performance appraisal system. In their work they managed to adapt theoretical models to everyday work life of participants by using real examples and exercises.

    Their practice as Managers was also very useful as they managed to give convincing and answers to participants’ questions.”

  • "...My first experience with Develor was during organization of a company event for Schneider Electric with the main idea to support the team cohesion. Based on the needs assessment of our company and our expectations Develor proposed Insights - the personal colourful typology. It had been prepared to exactly suit our needs content-, organization- and language wise (because of participating foreigners), taking into consideration the number of participants and the location of the event.

    The Insights training was led by trainers Kinga Novotná, Milan Zekucia, Martina Georgievová, Vladimír Rýpal and Dana Nemčická, who managed to grab the attention of the participants and inspire them to understand better both themselves and their colleagues. After the company event I had received positive feedback not only from our employees but from our management as well. Develor also proposed the second part of the event - the outdoor activity which was also realized on a very professional level.

    After the first positive experience I have approached Develor to prepare the Presentation skills training for selected employees, who present in front of the external customers. The training was delivered by Martina Georgievová, who can connect the theory and practice in an attractive manner. I value her professionalism and time during the training preparation, of course the delivery itself and her immediate feedback to the participants during practice. The evaluation received from the participants assured me that in case we need to develop our employees in the future I will gladly approach Develor with confidence."

  • "Over the last few years, Develor’s staff has played a significant role in training our leaders. We highly recommend their Leadership Academy program for all newly appointed leaders…"

  • "We have started to cooperate with Develor back in 2005. We appreciate their personal approach, willingness and flexibility in organisation of trainings, professionalism and high commitment of trainers, who prepare their trainings based on needs of our company and employees and incorporate practical experience in the contents of trainings.

    The implemented trainings included for example the Sales skills of the sales team and customer service, Presentation skills, Time Management and from 2009 Leadership skills trainings together with the Insights personality typology.

    Since 2005 Develor has also been developing managerial skills of our shop managers and helping us successfully implement our internal system of trainings of shop assistants in the sales skills (Train The Trainer).

    It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with Develor in development of our employees and we are looking forward to their future trainings."

  • “Our Intercultural training course was developed by the experts of Develor as our cooperation partner within the frame of our development program in English language. By the development of this training, an idea we had envisioned for long came true. Professionalism, credibility and effectiveness. These qualities feature the work of Develor.

    Professionalism - because they provided an up-to-date, high level and customized knowledge transfer with fully responding to our specific needs.

    Credibility – because they formed the attitude and approach of the participants involving them in an interactive way based on real life examples and personal trainer’s experiences.

    Effectiveness – because our colleagues beyond being highly happy and contented with the training course, they got enriched by tools and methods that when applying them they could achieve measurable results in their work. Therefore, we believe to have further opportunities for future cooperation with the dynamic, cheerful and devoted team of Develor.”
  • “We have chosenDevelor in order to secure development of our training specialists, lecturers and development managers, whom we wanted to develop their skills like identification of training needs, preparation of development activities, and assessment of development impacts and implementation of assessment results in practice. Our primary aim was to secure the best possible efficiency of human resources training and thus support the strategy of our organization. We have expected that after attending the training our colleagues will be able to play the role of consultants better and that they will cooperate with our internal clients effectively. …

    One part of the program was implementation of internal projects within the VÚB group for various target groups, during which our training specialists had an opportunity to consult their methods with the trainer. The training conducted in this manner secured a more consistent impact of the development than would have been secured by the mere training. The trainer focused not only on mediating new pieces of knowledge and competences but also on transferring these new skills into practice. We perceive cooperation with Develor as highly professional and recommend it for acquisition of systematic and permanent impact on development of employees and managers.”