Assessment Centre (AC)

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Do you have a budget for mistakes? Are you sure you have the appropriate people? Is low retention in your interest? If yes, do not continue please, because Assessment Centre is designed for somebody else.

Assessment Centre (AC) ensures a variety of activities to predict the performance of your candidates. AC gives the opportunity to assess and differentiate between your applicants who seem quite similar according to their CV. In addition, a successful AC enhances the brand image of your company.

ON AVERAGE ONE THIRD OF COMPANIES USE ASSESSMENT CENTRE (AC) AS A METHOD TO SELECT CANDIDATES. AC is a behaviour-level diagnostic, a standardized process that evaluates the level of certain competencies through individual and group exercises in prearranged circumstances, in front of trained observers, for selection purposes. Develor approach is unique due to high client involvement, wide variety of exercises, and detailed, easy-to-use feedback. The process starts with the definition of the job profile and it ends with the successful selection.

By the end of the process stakeholders will have turn a general summary & evidences based evaluation (HR, line-manager) and individual report & feed-back (participants).