Customer Care & Complaint Handling

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“The customer is always right”, right? But what if the customer is wrong and you have to be polite but firm when handling this situation? Think of your own experiences as a customer; what was the attitude or behavior of the customer service employee that made you satisfied? Do you think you can improve your skills in handling complaints and strengthen your attitude toward proper and effective customer care?


THE CUSTOMERS EXPECT POLITE AND CUSTOMIZED CARE that responds to their personal needs and expectations. At the course the participants explore their roles in the perception of their company in the minds of their customers and how they can influence that perception. They will get familiar with customer expectations and will learn behaviors and skills that exceed those expectations, hence resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

PARTICIPANTS WILL REALIZE the values of a service-centered attitude, the Moments of Truth and all of its consequences on customer-company relations. They will get acquainted with the basic model of assertiveness and a method (CURBS) that can be used in real work situations. Participant also learn how to communicate consciously and convincingly in the phone,  when we do not even see the customer. They will learn the easy to use technique of the four step process of complaint handling, and will practice how to implement it with assertiveness to ensure improved service culture and customer satisfaction.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to develop a service centred attitude, build rapport with customers, use proper etiquette, exceed customer expectations, assertively handle complaints.

Potential follow-up courses: Principles of Sales, Consultative Sales Process