Essence of Leadership

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The program concentrates on fundamental knowledge and competencies which are required for managing people. Beyond unique processing of the situational leadership based on Develor life-cycle model the participants will be familiar with the classic and latest methods of motivation with the help of company-specific case studies and exercises.

WE CAN LEAD INTUITIVELY OR CONSCIOUSLY, we can behave towards our colleagues pursuant to our personality or their professionalism and motivation. The intuitive leadership style is often relevant, however the managers, who choose the leadership methods and styles that are convenient for their subordinates, are more successful in the long-term.

THE PROGRAM MAKES MANAGERS aware of the direct impact of the individual performance on the company’s output and it presents how they should take effect on these elements. The situational leadership model, which serves as the major element of the course, built on the employee life-cycle model of Develor. It reveals which element of the situational leadership model is the most effective in certain stages of the lifecycle.

THE ACQUAINTED LEADERSHIP STYLES are deepened by lifelike case studies; moreover these are practiced and fine-tuned by client-specific situational exercises. Beyond processing the four elements characteristic of the situational leadership, we also pay special attention to the practical assimilation of motivation’s classic model, and to the familiarization of newest theory and applicability of the internal motivation.

By the end of the program participants will be able to consciously handle each subordinate, applying the appropriate leadership style and tools to reach the desired results. Moreover they effectively develop the competencies of their employees and motivate them to reach high performance.

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