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From concept to reality – Develor Hotel Solutions

Develor, as preferred training and consulting partner of many international and local chains and independent hotels, provides wide range of customized services to the hotel industry. When visiting our partners’ properties in most cases the service mindset has been appropriate; this is expected but less appreciated by the guests. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need the extra mile. We can state that the proactive sales attitude requires development. 

If you want to change people’s behavior start with their attitude and finish with those systems that maintain the new way of operation. New knowledge and skills are fundamental but never enough. Develor provides professional services in four fields generating tangible business results.

Most of the projects starts with an extensive diagnostics of attitude, skills and internal systems and standards. If needed the next step is the processing: the design or improvement of the crucial systems in place in order to create the most supportive environment for the best services. The fully tailored training courses will be built on the results of the diagnostic phase, identifying the critical behaviors of the certain group of people and the development areas. Studies and researches underpin our solid experience: the implementation support (known also as follow-up activities) are the most important step of any development process. If we want to achieve sustainable change in mind-set and behavior we should put special emphasis on the enforcement activities after the training.