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Insights® Discovery Personal Profile is a personal development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. It uses a simple and memorable colour system that sticks and makes it easy to understand and apply.

To receive the profile, which is also the prerequisite of the Insights Discovery training courses, individuals complete a 25-frame evaluator. The output is a 20+ page profile which helps recipients gain a detailed understanding of their personal style and how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional environments. This is all done in an everyday language and in an understandable form, but at the same time in a very tinted way.

Each profile includes a foundation chapter, which tells the individuals about their: style and approach, key strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, communication style, possible blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for development.

The profile can be extended with further supplementary chapters beyond the Foundation Chapter to support ongoing learning and development across the following specialised areas:

Management Chapter

It enables managers to consider their own management style as well as the needs of those they manage in terms of motivation, working environment and preferred style of leadership.

Personal Achievement Chapter

It leads the individuals from an initial understanding of self towards an exploration of how they can grow and improve in specific areas of personal achievement such as goal setting, time management or creativity.

Effective Selling Chapter

This chapter explores individual approaches towards selling and influencing at each stage of the sale from preparation to follow-through.

Interview Chapter

It provides pertinent questions to assist in the selection process. The questions probe and stretch the candidate, raising levels of self-awareness and identifying areas of strengths and areas for development.

The Insights® Discovery Personal Profile is available in over 30 countries and in more than 40 languages.

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