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The performance of a leader is primary characterized based on the performance of his team members. Well, it is immensely important, how much effort he makes to increase employees’ effectiveness. Coaching is a well known part of the managerial toolkit, however, only few apply it in an adequate way getting the expected output.

THE TODAY’S OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE might be weak tomorrow. The person, who does not have the ability to consciously develop his own skills and competencies, won’t be successful in the long term. One of manager’s primary responsibilities is to develop his subordinates and thus enabling them to solve the future’s challenge, as well. Success of the team is the success of the leader.

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE OF LEADERSHIP COACHING is to make it work over a longer period. An elemental condition to this is that both the leader and the subordinate feel that this investment creates value for them and it results in a visible and stable improvement.

THE PROGRAM PRESENTS how can we reach the above mentioned result: by properly observing performance, creating a trustful environment, avoiding common mistakes during coaching discussions and using an adequate language; moreover by paying attention to the special traits of the individual. Excellent coaches will be successful leaders of committed and motivated teams.

By the end of the program participants will be able to consciously apply the leadership coaching techniques, managers can create real value for both themselves and their subordinates.


Essence of Leadership

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