Leadership for Safety Course

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Our training program designed for managers, with the intense involvement of participants we discover the role of managers in relation to safety from multiple angles. The program focuses on leadership example setting, responsibility, creating the right work atmosphere, and instead of a blaming culture it concentrates on problem prevention culture.

FEW PROGRAMS HAVE LOOKED SAFETY AS CRITERION FOR MESURING LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS. This is surprising, given that creating a safe workplace and promoting effective leadership are key goals of most modern organisations. It is not just the high hazard industries that are required to manage occupational risk more effectively.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE OF SAFETY is to make it work over a longer period. An elemental condition to this is that both the leader and the subordinate feel that this investment creates value for them and it results in a visible and stable improvement.

OUR PARTICIPANTS RECIEVE PRACTICAL METHOD regarding partnership communication and feedback, which can be applied fast for preventing accidents and drawing general conclusions. The real case – Death in Chiemney – illustrates how various aspects of coinciding safety abnormalities lead to a fatal accident.

By the end of the program participants will be able to consciously apply the safety management, managers can create real value for both: company and their subordinates.


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