Leadership inspired by Amundsen

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Are your managers over-trained and they say “not again another useless leadership skills training?” We will inspire them with a story of a successful leader and his team, who were able to achieve success under merciless circumstances, thanks to great strategy and preparation, well formed team, willingness to risk, good leadership and focusing on main goal. We will review what challenges they had to manage and will link them to the current world of business and everyday’s challenges of the participants.

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WILL YOU SELECT THE PATH OF AMUNDSEN OR SCOTT?  The main part of the training (the execution phase) is conducted in form of an experiential activity, when we split the participants into two teams, who compete for conquering the South pole and of course, they also strive to return back safely to the base camp. Each team needs to select their leader, prepare a strategy for the journey and buy resources (food and dogs) from the initial funding. During the journey, as in the real story, they are impacted by changeable weather and unforeseen events.

IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS, the participants need to perform exercises on various levels. In the situational exercises we focus on leadership skills development (e.g. providing feedback, situational leadership). The exercises are adapted to the simulated conditions of an expedition.  Based on the difficulty level and how well do the teams perform fulfilling the exercise they get additional financial resources. At the end of the execution phase the overall financial effectiveness of the expedition is evaluated. In the evaluation phase the participants will link the practiced skills to their business challenges and create an action plan.

At the end of the program participants will be able to realize the importance of proper application of leadership skills and consciously use them to achieve team goals, which they will be able to set as part of their strategy.