Research Based Acquisition

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Sales prospecting requires patience and perseverence. Not only salespeople receive unmatched numbers of refusals and objections, but the sales lead time is long and they need to be at the right place at the right time. The art is in knowing the ideal behaviours in influencing multiple people in an organization to ensure the closing of the deal.


How organizations make purchase decisions needs to be understood by sales people who wish to sell to them in order to build winning strategies.

In the Research Based Acquisition Course participants understand the buying process and its stages and will demonstrate the ideal behaviours that increases the chances of closing the deal. Then they discover that in an organization multiple people are involved formally or informally in making a decision, and all of those with different responsibilities and interests, which salespeople need to address.

In the second part of the program participants learn a practical step by step process, which guarantees the highest probability of success in getting an appointment, where they can demonstrate their credibility, gain trust and present their value proposition.

The course highly decreases the uncertainty factor in business-to-business sales, decreases the stress level of sales people and gives them a clear direction and guideline on how to succeed.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to consciously build customer contact strategies; follow a structured process of preparation for sales prospecting. they will be able to personalize ideal behaviours with multiple decision makers to penetrate into the target organization.

Potential follow-up courses: Strategic Account Management