Strategic Job Families Project

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Strategic jobs contribute the most to the achievement of the company objectives, therefore it is vital to have well-trained, loyal and high potential people in each Strategic Job. This crucial project is a part of the Develor Talent Springboard Solution that together with its two other program elements – Talent Management and Key Employee Retention programs – aims to ensure Human Resource readiness for growth.


STRATEGIC JOB FAMILIES PROJECT IS TO PUT EMPHASIS ON JOBS THAT ARE STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT FOR THE COMPANY. The project includes the entire process from the identification of strategic  jobs,  definition  of  all  attributes  of  the  given  jobs, assessment of the employees working in the jobs and the development or replacement plans for the staff.

Strategic jobs are the categories of jobs in which the set of competencies required to perform the critical internal process can have the biggest impact on enhancing the organization’s critical internal processes.

The project is a one time but determinative intervention, where the goal is to clearly define those positions which play key importance reaching the strategy or having key role in optimizing the execution process after strategy is made and then take related actions. It incorporates a process of four key steps that ensures to properly define and identify the strategic jobs with related criteria for the company and also allows to assess and develop the requested competences for these jobs.

The project is highly recommended for those organization which implemented Balance Scorecard System.

Results by the end of the project: identified strategic jobs doing by the right people with the right competences.

Potential follow-up courses: Complex development of the people in Strategic jobs, Talent Management Program, Key Employees Retention Program