István Katus, Alcoa – CFO, Director, European Financial Services & Finance Hungary

“…In the fall of 2009 the people turnover reached 25% within a half a year, also several key people had left the company, this has caused significant problems for us. This situation had almost affected the operability of the company. At this point we made a decision to start a Talent management and Key Employee Retention program. The project started out with workshops and consulting work involving the full management… I considered the measurability and return of the program to be very important. We set concrete objectives at the very beginning and we measured the extent of their achievement. We expected Develor to make significant changes in the KPI’s we set. They were to bring down the volume of people turnover, which was 25 % in the second half of 2009 to below 10%, and to improve the internal Employee satisfaction index that was on 48%.

The results of projects showed very fast. In the first half of 2010 the people turnover became 5%, and at the Employee satisfaction survey we moved up to the first place from the very last on an international level with a 76 % result. All this happened within a half year after the launching of the project. Based on these tangible results we continued the collaboration which still in live.”