Tibor Lados, HR Director – Matra Power Plant

“The Matra Power Plant has contracted Develor Consulting Ltd. in the spring of 2012 for the development and delivery of a comprehensive training concept for both top and mid level managers, for altogether 2300 employees.

Strengthening workplace safety and shaping a safety conscious attitude have been set as objectives, in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the RWE AG headquarters. Develor Consulting has submitted a proposal based on a completely new approach, emphasizing interactivity and involvement. This attractive offer with its novel suggestion for achieving behavioral and attitude change has preceded all its competitors in every aspect.

The 105 days training program has been delivered in 26 days by a team of experienced and professionally qualified team of 5 trainers, exceeding each of their strict propositions to the satisfaction of each employee and manager.

During the course of the four-hour intensive and efficient training programs they engraved such symbols in the minds of our employees that have immediately been integrated into their everyday work… Ou Company is completely satisfied with the development and delivery of the training program. Our partner, Develor and its staff have fully complied with their plans.”