DEVELOR services are available in the Baltic states by our strategic partners


Léda TuraiLeda has over 15 years of international work experience in profit and non-profit organizations and academic settings. As a leadership and executive coach, trainer, coach supervisor and also as director of boards she has supported many companies in implementing important changes and achieving sustainable business results. Leda has worked in the field of human development, organizational development and communication since 1997 in several countries across different generations and cultures in 5 languages. She has a big interest in how human beings develop and achieve their best potential and how coaches and corporate leaders can contribute to the human and societal well-being. Leda has conducted research in the field of corporate coaching and she has been a passionate advocate of coaching in many conferences worldwide.



Mindaugas ZebrauskasMindaugas is an enthusiastic and creative trainer, who is always looking for the new ways to practically and down-to-earth present the training course. During the training his main attention is to the attitudes and psychological factors of the success of each individual, who is participating in his training. He likes to challenge the participants and encourages them to take the responsibility for their actions. He believes in self motivational aspects of each person in achieving his/her goals in life and in business.

Mindaugas is also a certified coach, specialized in online coaching in Lithuanian, English and Russian. He has been working with Develor on BULL and Merck projects.