Mag. Arnaldo Romanos-Hofer

Arnaldo-Romanos-HoferFounder & Managing Partner of DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Management consultant, Businesstrainer, Executive-Coach (Existenzial Analysis Concept of Viktor E. Frankl).

Professional Background & Education

  • Completed course of university studies with a major in social & economic sciences. Focus given to: strategic organizational management, export marketing, organizational development.
  • Presencing & Theory U (C.O.Scharmer), Knowledge Management & Learning Communities in Teams (H. Willke), Coaching & Change Management (W.Loos), Learning Organisation (R.Timel), Neurobiological correlates of Social Relations (J. Bauer et al., University of Freiburg), Management Systems Thinking & Learning Organization (P. Senge).
  • Critical Thinking (University Auckland)
  • Insights Discovery Accreditation & Insights Learning & Development faculty member
  • Master licensee of Insights Discovery in Austria

Professional Experience

  • Management positions held in the industry for export marketing and general management.
  • Lecturer at Universities of Applied Sciences for business ethics, opportunity & crisis management, leadership competence, change management, diversity management.
  • Management consultant, coach & process facilitator on the subject matters of corporate culture, management development & team performance, systematically planning and implementing a health-focused & knowledge based generation management, development of corporate resilience & VUCA competency.
  • Developer of tools/methods/models (DIALOGOS Screenings®, VIMAR® Coaching Model, School of Skillful Thinking).
  • Author of the book: Wirkungsvoll Führen mit Sinn für Innovation – Leadership durch Sinnovative Führungsdynamik® [effective leadership with a sense for innovations – leadership through meaningful & innovative leadership dynamism].