Develor makes Change Manageable


The famous-infamous Brinkerhoff study proves that in an “old school” training environment 85% of the participants fail to implement a sustainable behavior change after the training course. That means 10 out of 12 people in a classical training are on the course in vain. This shocking fact surely brings dissatisfaction to business leaders and HR professionals alike.

The solution is DEVELOR’s revolutionary x-learning concept, which extends the learning in time and in depth, with thorough preparatory work, aiming at the motivation of the participants and with messages preparing them for the change in behavior. More importantly, tenfold of the usual effort is put into supporting the application of newly learnt skills through various online and traditional tools, internal systems, processes and enforcing activities. Development of the participant is continuously monitored by the manager and the trainer, and most importantly by the individual, because the feeling of progress is the best motivator for change.

The „Knowing-Doing gap” (Knowledge vs. Implementation) is the biggest obstacle to be addressed.

The 4 steps of our method in order to make the behavior change happen are as follows:

  •  Defining „critical behaviors” which has strategic importance in line with business objectives
  •  Managing the initial resistance of participants to make them open for the change
  •  Overcoming the knowing-doing gap with the help of the x-learning© concept
  • Measure the behavior change and the business KPI growth to create the “Chain of evidence” about Return on Expectations

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