• "We have been cooperating with Develor based on a public tender, which was carried out in the first half of 2006. Develor succeeded in the areas of development of managerial skills, soft-skills and front-line development. Presently, we are also starting cooperation in the area of development of training skills of our internal trainers. We consider our cooperation in all areas as a high-quality and effective cooperation. Develor can fully satisfy our educational needs and bring a high added value, which in the end helps our colleagues in fulfillment of T-Mobile’s mission "To be the most recognized company in the area of service provision". We consider the following as Develor’s main assets:

    • High quality of the offered trainers, their training skills and personal experience from practice
    • High quality of training contents and the used educational methods, above all the "tailored" case studies and role plays and the used film extracts."
  • "Develor has prepared for our retail people a complex development program. This program included Insights typology, customer orientation, sales skills and trainings for managers. We appreciate mainly the professional approach of the trainers who can attract the audience very naturally. Each training was prepared according to needs assessment of the group and according to the feedback from the previous trainings. The theory and practice in the training was well balanced, it wasn’t trainer’s monologue but very riveting and interactive dialogue with the participants. Basic knowledge and skills were practiced in case studies. Preparation, realization and also evaluation of each training was on high level. We are satisfied with communication and flexibility of cooperation with Develor."

  • "Edenred has been working with Develor since June 2010 with training and development of the management team. Develor was selected due to a high expertise and professionalism approach and most important thanks to good listening of our needs and capacity to adapt their material to specificity of our company. Even if I had previous good experience from Insight Team Effectiveness in other country, Develor Slovakia has demonstrated his capacity to adapt his material and conduct of training sessions to our organization needs and help us in facing our different organizational challenges. We have pursued in 2011 the management training program defined in coordination with Develor with implementation of 360 degrees process what helped our organization in defining priorities and highlight individual manager development needs and help to build individual development program. In parallel to this process, during 2011 Develor conducted the sales training for our field sales team and a coaching training for sales managers. In the past we often conducted different kind of sales training courses but with little output and weak follow up action plan implemented. With the focus not just on sales training but with special training for sales manager based on the content of the field sales training and on feedback technique, field sales team feels more supported and sees the on-going consistency between the training plan and the regular feedback meeting organized with their managers. In parallel sales managers learnt technique how to debrief field sales team after sales visit and how to boost their sales team performance. Develor has demonstrated their high capacity to support our organization from both managerial and sales point of view."

  • "The cooperation between Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. and Develor Zrt. (as well as its legal predecessor, Door Training CE Kft.) has existed since 2003. In the past 10 years we have trusted Develor and its trainers with the delivery of the following training programs: Mastershift Management program, Insights Discovery © - Personal efficiency, Conscious Communication, Presentation Skills. One of the outstanding programs is the Mastershift Management program, where 110 Shift Managers and approx. 30 Foremen participated. The success of the program is proven by the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues, the prominent evaluation, and the efficiency of the training, meaning the successful application of the acquired knowledge. During the 3rd module team coaching was integrated into the program, and through processing the individual cases our colleagues became committed to improvement and to applying new solutions in their own fields. Trainers are credited for always delivering tailor-made training programs with innovative elements following a thorough diagnosis, thus passing on that practical knowledge and attitude to our colleagues that make them successful in their work."

  • „Develor Bulgaria has worked with us during the year 2008 on a project which included programs from Managerial skills, Train the Trainer, Sales skills and 360o feedback. Main accent in the Managerial skills program was goal setting and employees’ performance appraisal system. In their work they managed to adapt theoretical models to everyday work life of participants by using real examples and exercises.

    Their practice as Managers was also very useful as they managed to give convincing and answers to participants’ questions.”

  • "There were two joint projects between Bank DSK and Develor Bulgaria for training of the employees of the branch network of Bank DSK. The two projects included Managerial skills trainings.With his enormous experiences, Todor Todorov had priceless contribution in the trainings as he constantly applied practical examples and case studies that were relevant and close to participants’ work...

    In the project’s scope were included 'Bank Operation' Specialists – the people who directly service the bank’s clients.

    Training subjects were: 1) -'Sales process attitude' 2) 'Active Selling'

    The trainers contributed greatly in the successful delivery of the trainings with their professional attitude towards the participants and very good preparation aiming at Bank DSK product and process knowledge. They applied practical examples and case studies which were close to the daily work of participants..."