• "At the beginning of 2011 the already running leadership developmental program has come to a new station. By top managerial expectation and HR plans, the continuation of the training program could only be carried on if it was based on a thorough and professional diagnostics. It was the middle management of the company that was at the focal point of this diagnostics and training program: Assistant Manager, Manager and Senior Managers, in total 53 people. According to the diagnostic results and of the individual consultations, we have experienced professional implementation in both quality and quantity from the consultants of Develor. Our special needs and requests were incorporated into the processes, and it is safe to state that we received meaningful, useful and tangible information. The consultants from Develor have been customer oriented, flexible, and have maximally taken into account our requirements and expectation throughout developing the questionnaires, in the delivery phase and in the evaluation as well."

  • “We have been cooperating with Develor in various areas of development over an extended period of time, be it the standard regular trainings for new hires , tailor-made development program for supervisors and trainers of our customer service center or the Insights program series adjusted to meet the specific needs of our wholesale account managers. I appreciate flexibility of the whole team when delivering consulting and training services but mainly the trainer’s experience from the real business world. The company is not afraid of entering new areas of development and is well adaptable towards conditions at the customer’s company. And last but not least… it is clear the training preparation is not just work but also fun for the trainers.”

  • "The cooperation between Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. and Develor Zrt. (as well as its legal predecessor, Door Training CE Kft.) has existed since 2003. In the past 10 years we have trusted Develor and its trainers with the delivery of the following training programs: Mastershift Management program, Insights Discovery © - Personal efficiency, Conscious Communication, Presentation Skills. One of the outstanding programs is the Mastershift Management program, where 110 Shift Managers and approx. 30 Foremen participated. The success of the program is proven by the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues, the prominent evaluation, and the efficiency of the training, meaning the successful application of the acquired knowledge. During the 3rd module team coaching was integrated into the program, and through processing the individual cases our colleagues became committed to improvement and to applying new solutions in their own fields. Trainers are credited for always delivering tailor-made training programs with innovative elements following a thorough diagnosis, thus passing on that practical knowledge and attitude to our colleagues that make them successful in their work."

  • "At the Hungarian Siemens group a Talent Program has been introduced with the utmost support from the top management.

    We have selected Develor Consulting for the implementation of the first phase of the Talent program as a result of an open tendering process.

    The first phase of the Talent program was complemented with a Development Center (DC) so that we would have further information - other than the result of the performance appraisal results - for the compilation of the individual developmental plans for our talents. The challenge for us and for Develor Consulting was not only to deliver a high quality DC, but it was also

    • to define tasks that would measure their talents according to the global Siemens competence system,
    • DC observers would be able to objectively evaluate the talents’ competences based on the noted behavior and the same criteria
    • to have as much information as possible by the end of DC that can be utilized for the individual plans

    The course designer group and consultants of Develor Consulting Ltd. provided an excellent system in assessing our talents. Both in the preparatory phase of tasks and in making Siemens competences measurable, and during the DC itself and in giving feedbacks they have been customer oriented, flexible and professional in carrying out their tasks.

    They implemented a high quality diagnostics methodology, which provided a result that exceeded our expectations."

  • "Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa has already cooperated with Develor on several development subjects. Again and again, we are getting convinced of their professional approach focusing not only on presentation of the given subject in trainings. We appreciate inspirational communication while preparing the trainings, delivery of the trainings, but also subsequent outputs and recommendations for the next steps to be taken.
    In 2009 and 2010 we cooperated with Develor on training of our managerial staff to be ready for the assessor’s role in the framework of MbO launching in our company. We appreciate a lot the cooperation with Mrs Kinga Novotná and the trainer Mrs Martina Georgievová in the preparation of the trainings. During the first stage, they helped us to train the managers for 'MbO goal setting' for the team as well as for the individuals. In the trainings, Mrs Georgievová managed to make participants understand the principle of 'goal cascading' as well as to learn it using examples of their own practice. In the subsequent workshop, the trainer took the role of the host, helping the future assessors to discuss main issues, to answer individual questions and to unify different opinions and approaches. In the next training held just before MbO assessment interviews, Mrs Georgievová was practicing with the managers not only the preparation and realisation of the assessment interviews, but also speaking about respective stumbling blocks waiting for the assessors. After carrying out the assessment process in the company, Kinga Novotná and Martina Georgievová helped us to implement and to evaluate the MbO assessment process using a questionnaire for the assessors as well as for the assessed employees. Their tips, comments and survey outputs helped us to carry out changes that were subsequently implemented in our assessment system.
    We appreciate Develor’s complex approach and seeing the things through to the end, their effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the cooperation being also commendable."
  • “Our Intercultural training course was developed by the experts of Develor as our cooperation partner within the frame of our development program in English language. By the development of this training, an idea we had envisioned for long came true. Professionalism, credibility and effectiveness. These qualities feature the work of Develor.

    Professionalism - because they provided an up-to-date, high level and customized knowledge transfer with fully responding to our specific needs.

    Credibility – because they formed the attitude and approach of the participants involving them in an interactive way based on real life examples and personal trainer’s experiences.

    Effectiveness – because our colleagues beyond being highly happy and contented with the training course, they got enriched by tools and methods that when applying them they could achieve measurable results in their work. Therefore, we believe to have further opportunities for future cooperation with the dynamic, cheerful and devoted team of Develor.”