• elmű logo“ In the preparatory phase preceding the training program, colleagues of DEVELOR got acquainted with the operational circumstances and specifics of our organization at various locations. As a result, the training programs later on carried a real added value for the participants because the preparation, empathy and the applied methodology made the trainers authentic. ”

  • "Edenred has been working with Develor since June 2010 with training and development of the management team. Develor was selected due to a high expertise and professionalism approach and most important thanks to good listening of our needs and capacity to adapt their material to specificity of our company. Even if I had previous good experience from Insight Team Effectiveness in other country, Develor Slovakia has demonstrated his capacity to adapt his material and conduct of training sessions to our organization needs and help us in facing our different organizational challenges. We have pursued in 2011 the management training program defined in coordination with Develor with implementation of 360 degrees process what helped our organization in defining priorities and highlight individual manager development needs and help to build individual development program. In parallel to this process, during 2011 Develor conducted the sales training for our field sales team and a coaching training for sales managers. In the past we often conducted different kind of sales training courses but with little output and weak follow up action plan implemented. With the focus not just on sales training but with special training for sales manager based on the content of the field sales training and on feedback technique, field sales team feels more supported and sees the on-going consistency between the training plan and the regular feedback meeting organized with their managers. In parallel sales managers learnt technique how to debrief field sales team after sales visit and how to boost their sales team performance. Develor has demonstrated their high capacity to support our organization from both managerial and sales point of view."

  • “We started to cooperate with the Develor company in April 2010, when we selected it from among several companies, which we addressed with the aim to increase the service level of our contact centre operators. We decided to choose their services based on a comprehensive approach proposed by them, which exceeded our original expectations and professionally reacted to our needs. Within the carried out development program, there were efficiently combined several approaches, e.g. in determination of the initial situation – an analysis of recordings of the contact centre, in the proper implementation of the program – a practically oriented training, mystery calling, individual coaching of operators and an application workshop as a supportive tool for introduction of new procedures in the practice. Develor subsequently formulated practical measures of a systematic character, which reflected the identified needs – from application of the legislation in force to adjustment of standards for operators and elaboration of the contact centre's methodology of work, which we applied in practice.

    The trainers and consultants were professionals, who helped us implement the proposed solution thanks to their committed and professional approach. Since we originally expected only the mere training, their commitment highly exceeded our expectations. Based on this experience and positive reactions of employees we have decided to cooperate with the Develor company in development of employees also in future."

  • "Over the last few years, Develor’s staff has played a significant role in training our leaders. We highly recommend their Leadership Academy program for all newly appointed leaders…"

  • “We have chosenDevelor in order to secure development of our training specialists, lecturers and development managers, whom we wanted to develop their skills like identification of training needs, preparation of development activities, and assessment of development impacts and implementation of assessment results in practice. Our primary aim was to secure the best possible efficiency of human resources training and thus support the strategy of our organization. We have expected that after attending the training our colleagues will be able to play the role of consultants better and that they will cooperate with our internal clients effectively. …

    One part of the program was implementation of internal projects within the VÚB group for various target groups, during which our training specialists had an opportunity to consult their methods with the trainer. The training conducted in this manner secured a more consistent impact of the development than would have been secured by the mere training. The trainer focused not only on mediating new pieces of knowledge and competences but also on transferring these new skills into practice. We perceive cooperation with Develor as highly professional and recommend it for acquisition of systematic and permanent impact on development of employees and managers.”

  • "We have started to cooperate with Develor back in 2005. We appreciate their personal approach, willingness and flexibility in organisation of trainings, professionalism and high commitment of trainers, who prepare their trainings based on needs of our company and employees and incorporate practical experience in the contents of trainings.

    The implemented trainings included for example the Sales skills of the sales team and customer service, Presentation skills, Time Management and from 2009 Leadership skills trainings together with the Insights personality typology.

    Since 2005 Develor has also been developing managerial skills of our shop managers and helping us successfully implement our internal system of trainings of shop assistants in the sales skills (Train The Trainer).

    It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with Develor in development of our employees and we are looking forward to their future trainings."