• „Develor Bulgaria has worked with us during the year 2008 on a project which included programs from Managerial skills, Train the Trainer, Sales skills and 360o feedback. Main accent in the Managerial skills program was goal setting and employees’ performance appraisal system. In their work they managed to adapt theoretical models to everyday work life of participants by using real examples and exercises.

    Their practice as Managers was also very useful as they managed to give convincing and answers to participants’ questions.”

  • "At the beginning of 2011 the already running leadership developmental program has come to a new station. By top managerial expectation and HR plans, the continuation of the training program could only be carried on if it was based on a thorough and professional diagnostics. It was the middle management of the company that was at the focal point of this diagnostics and training program: Assistant Manager, Manager and Senior Managers, in total 53 people. According to the diagnostic results and of the individual consultations, we have experienced professional implementation in both quality and quantity from the consultants of Develor. Our special needs and requests were incorporated into the processes, and it is safe to state that we received meaningful, useful and tangible information. The consultants from Develor have been customer oriented, flexible, and have maximally taken into account our requirements and expectation throughout developing the questionnaires, in the delivery phase and in the evaluation as well."

  • "We have been collaborating with Develor on the continuing education of employees within the Business Unit Oncology since 2008. We started with an Insights project for managers, followed by all employees in the office and finally the whole sales team (2009). Our mutual collaboration continued with members of the sales team in 2010 in “Negotiating with difficult clients” followed by the screening of communication channels, habits and inter-team cooperation called “Team Sociomapping” in 2011 (all were included who come into mutual contact, including the office staff). Throughout the time of our collaboration Develor has been a very responsive company both in the organisation and implementing of training. Our team is very diverse, including people of various ages, experience, education, personality and having behind them a range of different types of training in their professional careers. The Develor trainers were and are able to adapt to this diversely composed team and can capture, integrate and maintain their interest. The last-mentioned project, Team Sociomapping, showed us another viewpoint of the situation in individual teams, inter-team cooperation and the level of communication between people positioned outside the firmly created teams. We were very satisfied with the training and it captivated us so much that next year we would like to undertake this training once more so that we are able to assess the progress of individual teams and at the same time the Business Unit Oncology as a whole one year on."

  • "Develor has prepared for our retail people a complex development program. This program included Insights typology, customer orientation, sales skills and trainings for managers. We appreciate mainly the professional approach of the trainers who can attract the audience very naturally. Each training was prepared according to needs assessment of the group and according to the feedback from the previous trainings. The theory and practice in the training was well balanced, it wasn’t trainer’s monologue but very riveting and interactive dialogue with the participants. Basic knowledge and skills were practiced in case studies. Preparation, realization and also evaluation of each training was on high level. We are satisfied with communication and flexibility of cooperation with Develor."

  • "There were two joint projects between Bank DSK and Develor Bulgaria for training of the employees of the branch network of Bank DSK. The two projects included Managerial skills trainings.With his enormous experiences, Todor Todorov had priceless contribution in the trainings as he constantly applied practical examples and case studies that were relevant and close to participants’ work...

    In the project’s scope were included 'Bank Operation' Specialists – the people who directly service the bank’s clients.

    Training subjects were: 1) -'Sales process attitude' 2) 'Active Selling'

    The trainers contributed greatly in the successful delivery of the trainings with their professional attitude towards the participants and very good preparation aiming at Bank DSK product and process knowledge. They applied practical examples and case studies which were close to the daily work of participants..."

  • “After various trainings carried out by several companies I was wandering whether this would again be wasted time, a training for training, whether it will bring anything to its attendants. I had a feeling that it is often difficult to apply the provided information or use it in the real work. This is also why it was always difficult for me to decide whether I will attend a training and spend time there. However, after attending trainings of Develor I must confirm that they belonged to those, which in my opinion enriched and developed employees' view of themselves, their colleagues and business partners and also positively affected their work habits. Apart from the training's content, the trainer also constitutes a very important part of the training. Develor proved to be good in this as well. Simply said it did not disappoint us."