• “After various trainings carried out by several companies I was wandering whether this would again be wasted time, a training for training, whether it will bring anything to its attendants. I had a feeling that it is often difficult to apply the provided information or use it in the real work. This is also why it was always difficult for me to decide whether I will attend a training and spend time there. However, after attending trainings of Develor I must confirm that they belonged to those, which in my opinion enriched and developed employees' view of themselves, their colleagues and business partners and also positively affected their work habits. Apart from the training's content, the trainer also constitutes a very important part of the training. Develor proved to be good in this as well. Simply said it did not disappoint us."

  • "...My first experience with Develor was during organization of a company event for Schneider Electric with the main idea to support the team cohesion. Based on the needs assessment of our company and our expectations Develor proposed Insights - the personal colourful typology. It had been prepared to exactly suit our needs content-, organization- and language wise (because of participating foreigners), taking into consideration the number of participants and the location of the event.

    The Insights training was led by trainers Kinga Novotná, Milan Zekucia, Martina Georgievová, Vladimír Rýpal and Dana Nemčická, who managed to grab the attention of the participants and inspire them to understand better both themselves and their colleagues. After the company event I had received positive feedback not only from our employees but from our management as well. Develor also proposed the second part of the event - the outdoor activity which was also realized on a very professional level.

    After the first positive experience I have approached Develor to prepare the Presentation skills training for selected employees, who present in front of the external customers. The training was delivered by Martina Georgievová, who can connect the theory and practice in an attractive manner. I value her professionalism and time during the training preparation, of course the delivery itself and her immediate feedback to the participants during practice. The evaluation received from the participants assured me that in case we need to develop our employees in the future I will gladly approach Develor with confidence."

  • "We have started to cooperate with Develor back in 2005. We appreciate their personal approach, willingness and flexibility in organisation of trainings, professionalism and high commitment of trainers, who prepare their trainings based on needs of our company and employees and incorporate practical experience in the contents of trainings.

    The implemented trainings included for example the Sales skills of the sales team and customer service, Presentation skills, Time Management and from 2009 Leadership skills trainings together with the Insights personality typology.

    Since 2005 Develor has also been developing managerial skills of our shop managers and helping us successfully implement our internal system of trainings of shop assistants in the sales skills (Train The Trainer).

    It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with Develor in development of our employees and we are looking forward to their future trainings."

  • "This year we have started our cooperation with Develor on our company’s program aimed at improvement of managerial skills of our shift leaders in production via Mastershift Academy. The role of the shift leaders for our company is crucial. It depends on their motivation and their level of identification with company’s aims whether we will have enough satisfied and stabilized employees in production who will help us to fulfill our development goals. The shift leaders had very positively evaluated the development program, therefore we decided to offer similar type of education to their superiors – production line managers. And once again, we request the services of Develor, since we have been highly satisfied with their pro-active approach and ability to design the program in a way that it reflects the environment of our production company. We also appreciate the professional performance of the trainer and his interest to create a space for discussion of managers on various levels of management."

  • "Over the last few years, Develor’s staff has played a significant role in training our leaders. We highly recommend their Leadership Academy program for all newly appointed leaders…"

  • "Develor cooperates with us in the area of training programs for employees supporting culture change across Sony Central European region. Since the start of our cooperation, they have worked with us on both training design and delivery and demonstrated professionalism, innovative approach and high quality training skills. We have also engaged them in several teambuilding events that helped us to build good team spirit among our staff who provided very positive feedback after each event. We are looking forward to our further cooperation with them."