• “Our Intercultural training course was developed by the experts of Develor as our cooperation partner within the frame of our development program in English language. By the development of this training, an idea we had envisioned for long came true. Professionalism, credibility and effectiveness. These qualities feature the work of Develor.

    Professionalism - because they provided an up-to-date, high level and customized knowledge transfer with fully responding to our specific needs.

    Credibility – because they formed the attitude and approach of the participants involving them in an interactive way based on real life examples and personal trainer’s experiences.

    Effectiveness – because our colleagues beyond being highly happy and contented with the training course, they got enriched by tools and methods that when applying them they could achieve measurable results in their work. Therefore, we believe to have further opportunities for future cooperation with the dynamic, cheerful and devoted team of Develor.”
  • "Our relationship with Develor began 3.5 years ago. They have provided us with high quality, customer-oriented service ever since. This not only refers to their classical “soft” skill training courses, but also to “combined profile” programs such as their workshops based on economization. Following the training, the decrease of our inventory was noticeable even in terms of hard numbers. And this positive effect was lasting."

  • “…With the present reference I would like to express our satisfaction with our cooperation with Develor Bulgaria. Our contacts with the company began in 2010 when Merck Bulgaria hired consulting company, Develor for conducting different training programs for employees’ development in sales, communication and relationships with clients. Training programs were continued during 2011… As a result of the program my team substantially changed their work approach and way of communication with their colleagues from other departments. They started achieving their goals more easily and finding the shortest way to clarify work cases. The training contributed also for the significant change in the team itself – communication is clear and concrete, team spirit is visible and there is initiative for taking responsibilities…”

  • "Develor has carried out a training Finances for Non-financial Managers for our company. The training was based on everyday situations that our employees are coping with. It was focused on active practice using business simulation, where the participants could develop and practice the acquired theoretical knowledge and skills. I highly appreciate that the theory and practice was well balanced.

    The performance of the trainer on the trainings mirrored his long time real life experience. This enabled him via a number of examples from practice to explain the presented issues more effectively. I highly appreciate the professional, flexible and quick work and approach of Develor that was supported by a deep understanding of the SkyEurope Airlines needs."

  • "Develor has been of great help to us, especially in terms of skills development. They understand our needs and expectations. They always know what, when and how. We have always received the same high quality service from them: reliability, speed, flexibility. Anything is possible with Develor."

  • „Our company employs approximately 100 people. Besides operating two foundries we are active in trading metal as well. DEVELOR, this year (2009), carried out the Leadership Academy program for our managers and a Sales skills training for our sales managers. Both programs were based on the training needs analysis and were tailor-made to our circumstances and environment. One part of the education was financed from the National project XI. /EU funding/, in part thanks to the professional guidance by DEVELOR. Evaluation of the interactive trainings by the participants was above expectations. Participants also highly evaluated the quality and professional skills of the trainer that were often used in real life examples, simulations or exercises."