• „Develor Bulgaria has worked with us during the year 2008 on a project which included programs from Managerial skills, Train the Trainer, Sales skills and 360o feedback. Main accent in the Managerial skills program was goal setting and employees’ performance appraisal system. In their work they managed to adapt theoretical models to everyday work life of participants by using real examples and exercises.

    Their practice as Managers was also very useful as they managed to give convincing and answers to participants’ questions.”

  • “After conducting preliminary consultations with Develor, we have come up with an appropriate form of an individual event with our team in the beginning of 2012 which aimed at dissolving different problems of people with various responsibilities, biases and characters. Although part of the participants being sceptic, Develor performed excellently:

    - [they] managed to engage and keep the attention and to motivate even the most sceptic ones;

    - [they] managed to explain in a comprehensive manner the main specifics of different people, which (sic.) helps everyone not only for good orienteering, but also for good communication with people;

    - [they] managed to give details and provide depth in understanding individual peculiarities of key members of the team which was priceless. A proof for [their] professionalism is not only the general positive attitude of the participants, but also the facts that numerous conclusions were made which, I strongly believe, are useful for our structure.”

  • "We have been working with the Develor company since 2010. The aim of establishing mutual co-operation was to give significant support to Confal’s operational responsiveness, by, among other things, changing the system of employee performance motivation. As part of the project’s realization Develor trainers and consultants primarily focused on redesigning the reward system, changes in organizational structure, which also took in altering competences and job responsibilities, and proposed new standards in project management. With regard to the implementation of these changes, it was necessary to illustratively gauge what effect the project has on the running of the firm, particularly in the area of teamwork. Develor consultants proposed Team sociomapping, which uses an attractive map, as an effective gauge for individuals from team management to interpret, with the help of consultants, the team’s unity, frequency and quality of communication and existing mutual interaction. A deeper analysis of the map allowed for the subsequent evaluation of the effect of the realized changes during the duration of the project and, moreover, to identify areas for necessary further changes and improvement. All participants accepted the results and the team sociomapping itself positively and openly. Many things which until then we had not been able to define nor initiate mutual exchanges of opinions upon, we could constructively discuss thanks to our team’s illustrative maps. We consider the selected method to be very good and in the future plan to undertake such sociomapping again."

  • „Develor Bulgaria delivered a training with subject ’Successful Project Managers’ on the 9th and 10th of November 2010 for employees who are project managers besides their jobs as engineers. They have also realized a series of projects for communication skills for introducting employees at the end of year 2008… The training put accent on practical exercise and finished with feedbacks from participants whose satisfaction with the training was very high.

    There was homework in the form of a questionnaire in which they had the chance to recollect and assimilate fundamental moments from the training. Within the first week after the training we have observed participants applying concrete elements from the training in everyday work. We consider that the training was helpful and plan to upgrade on this base with training after 6 to 8 months.”

  • “We have been cooperating with Develor in various areas of development over an extended period of time, be it the standard regular trainings for new hires , tailor-made development program for supervisors and trainers of our customer service center or the Insights program series adjusted to meet the specific needs of our wholesale account managers. I appreciate flexibility of the whole team when delivering consulting and training services but mainly the trainer’s experience from the real business world. The company is not afraid of entering new areas of development and is well adaptable towards conditions at the customer’s company. And last but not least… it is clear the training preparation is not just work but also fun for the trainers.”

  • “After various trainings carried out by several companies I was wandering whether this would again be wasted time, a training for training, whether it will bring anything to its attendants. I had a feeling that it is often difficult to apply the provided information or use it in the real work. This is also why it was always difficult for me to decide whether I will attend a training and spend time there. However, after attending trainings of Develor I must confirm that they belonged to those, which in my opinion enriched and developed employees' view of themselves, their colleagues and business partners and also positively affected their work habits. Apart from the training's content, the trainer also constitutes a very important part of the training. Develor proved to be good in this as well. Simply said it did not disappoint us."